Serious Growth:
How to Master the Science of Bulgarian "Power-Burst" Training

In this manual Leo Costa, Jr. and Dr. Russell Horine blew the lid off the tightly held secrets of eastern bloc countries that were, at the time, completely dominating the world in strength sports.

It was a landmark publication nearly 28 years ago, and sadly many of the conventions and mis-conceptions it sought to correct are still common today. Mostly due to the fact that most people are too lazy to sit down for 2 hours and read a 41 page manual that would change their lives, save them countless hours of frustration and pain in the gym and get them the results their body is truly capable of.

Are you that lazy?

If you want to build as much muscle as possible in as short a period of time as possible and you haven’t read Serous Growth you aren’t taking yourself seriously. Do yourself a favor and read this right now.

Praise for Serious Growth:

"Better than any method or system I've ever used..."

"Thanks for the 'bursting', it's absolutely great! After 55 years of hustling iron, it does work better than any method or system I've ever used -- Beyond my greatest expectations."
-- S. Eddy, OR

"The best thing going on in the sport of body building..."

"I feel Serious Growth is the best thing going on in the sport of body building. I started Serious Growth 10 months ago and I have made gains in every body part. My body weight went from 175lbs up 27 pounds, by the time you get this I will maybe be another 10 pounds heavier. My bench went from 225 to 340 and squats went from 275 to 425. My gains never stop and they only come faster with more I learn from OTS. OTS is #1 all the way."
--- G. Dorsey, NY

"The best investment I have ever made..."

"Serious Growth is the best investment I have ever made in body building. I have never been more satisfied with any other product. I am now ordering Big Beyond Belief and cannot wait to see what it has to offer. In the first eight weeks of the Serious Growth manual my bench went from 240 to 285 faster than I ever though possible."


"The Burst Program is awesome! At the beginning I weight 195 lbs. Now, I'm 217 lbs and Strong. I've been accused of using steroids, 12 weeks has added about 20 lbs."
-- C. Holland, Arizona

"I'm busting out of all my clothes."

"I'm willing to do anything to get big. Two months on your program and I'm busting out of all my clothes. I guess you don't need steroids to get huge."
-- J. Talley, WA

"Changed my body and my life for the better."

"I believe in the principles of Serious Growth and Optimum Training Systems has changed my body and my life for the better. Thanks Leo, Ron, Tom and Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale."
-- T.D. Webb