Four-time Mr. Universe Says...
"This is an excellent training program and its concept is sound. For the person or athlete who is serious about his or her training, this course will pay big dividends."
Bill Pearl
Former Mr. America and Mr. USA, and four-time Mr. Universe
I gained 10 lbs. in my first Week!
"This was muscle accompanied with fat loss. Changes in appearance included total ab separation, outer thigh striations, and tricep striations. It was truly remarkable."
Chris Munson
Middleton, WI
I've left everyone so far behind...
"Thanks. At first, people talked a lot of crap about my new training. But in the last 8 months I've left everyone so far behind that they just ask questions and watch."
Dana Mattos
Honaunau, HI
My most productive years in the NFL
"After seven years in the NFL, it was crucial I find a strength and conditioning program that would give me an edge on the younger players. After researching many of the best program, I can say with confidence that the Big Beyond Belief program is the only one that combines scientific data with old fashioned common sense. This program gave me results I thought unachievable, along with my most productive years in the NFL."
Michael Young
Denver Broncos
My muscular gains have been incredible!
"I started prior to a contest in May and by June of the following year I was 13 pounds heavier (contest weight after cutting) and a lot harder! Hard enough to win my first over-all title, since then my gains continue and I'm getting bigger and stronger in all my lifts!"
Mark Pavlovich
Fresno, CA
Bench jumped 40 lbs.
"I was ready to quit, decided to give this system a try. On 3rd week, bench jumped 40 lbs. I look just as good as the guys using steroids. Thanks."
Jared Jensen
Brigham, UT
Added 3 inches to my thighs...
"Tried other products, but haven't had anywhere near the success as with this! Gained 25 lbs. of muscle in last 10 months, added 3 inches to my thighs."
Leroy Morton, Jr.
Liston, IN
One of the world's leading authorities on bodybuilding says...
"All athletes and bodybuilders interested in becoming more knowledgeable of advanced training methods... and in significantly increasing their strength and their muscular bodyweight should meticulously review Leo Costa's latest training manual."
Edmund Enos, PhD
Professor of Exercise Science, Concordia University
"I cannot believe the gains I have made in such a short time"
Ronnie Dugger
Decatur, AL
I feel good about the way I look...
"The Movie industry is full of stress and long hours. The Big Beyond Belief program helps give me the stamina and energy I need to make an edge and compete. I'm not into body sculpture, I prefer the toned, aesthetic look. If I feel good about the way I look, my overall performance is better!"
Steve Ruther
Los Angeles, CA
Contains everything that an experienced bodybuilder needs in detail...
"This book contains everything that an experienced bodybuilder needs in detail. All three aspects of bodybuilding are addressed completely -- training, diet, recovery -- they are all here. As everyone says don't change the system, just follow it. I noticed this first hand when I switched from bench press to weighted push ups. Getting your body to move through space when you train is so much more effective than lying/sitting on a bench. Squats over leg press, parallel bar dips over machine bar dips. These are all explained in the book. I started at 80 kg lean muscle and after 3 years am 105 kg."
Francis Chapman
"Felt like I was growing every day."
John Herrera
Cerritos, CA
"Like breaking through a wall..."
"As a college football player I was always strong but had trouble putting on the kind of size I wanted. After listening to Leo's advice it was like breaking through a wall, I put on over 10 pounds of lean muscle in only a few months."
Robert Pierce
Tulare, CA
"Friends think I'm using steroids!"
Lance Mosley
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I really like what I see in the mirror...
"Leo I've got to let you know that after only four weeks of your manual 'Big Beyond Belief' I've gained growth, what it took me six months to acquire on my old method. Leo I really like what I see in the mirror and the bulk stays with me in the morning. Thanks Leo! I just can't wait to see myself after six months."
Jesse Loza
Arlington, TX
Added 40 lbs. in one year...
"Best part is the other guys tell me I'm not training correctly... don't understand why I get stronger and they don't!"
Dr. Gerard Sarni
Elmhurst, PA
I owe it all to 'Big Beyond Belief'...
"Thanks man, I have been trying to get back to 385 pounds on the bench press, just last week I got 380. I am the envy of the club where I workout at. 'Big Beyond Belief' is everything you said and more. I am on my way to being the best possible body builder that I have ever been. I owe it all to 'Big Beyond Belief'. I am ordering because you know what you are talking about, there is no system out there like yours, you are the best."
Timothy Daniels
Los Angeles, CA
"Thanks for the help..."
"Before I came across Big Beyond Belief I was sure I had maxed out. Now I'm bigger and stronger than ever and still growing!"
Gadiel Micu
Man, this system works!!
"I wanted to let you know that I'm sure I have made one of the best decisions in my life from the moment that I decided to give the Big Beyond Belief system a try. I think it is one of the best methods based on scientific research for packing on muscle. Since I started this program I've been making good progress in my physique, even when I have not been paying attention to my diet. The only factor that I have changed is the training an I've seen optimum results. Man, this system works!! My arms got inch bigger. My thighs grew up to 2 in. And my overall physique is getting bigger and bigger. But, best of all, I'm accomplishing it without anabolic steroids or any other ergogenic drug. I'm not even using supplements. Just Big Beyond Belief plain and simple."
Gerard Aguirre
My bench press from 175lbs to 245lbs...
"The Big Beyond Belief training program was the best thing that I could have done to get big and strong. I gained 30LBS. of meat in 3 Months and in just 2 months my squat went from 225lbs to 30lbs. My bench press from 175lbs to 245lbs. The whole football team said, 'Steroids'?, I said 'NEVER'!"
Gonzalo Palacios
Glendale, CA
"Better gains in last 8 weeks (on this program) than in previous 6 months without it!"
Jeff Thorsen
Troy, MI
"I recommend Big Beyond Belief to anybody who wants to make dramatic gains in a short period of time."
"Everything you claimed about Big Beyond Beliefis true! I know because I tried it for just two months and made more gains than I have in the past two years. I gained one and a half inches on my arms and three inches on my chest. I lost two inches off my waist but gained 8 pounds of muscle."
Leon Ortiz
Worthridge, CA
18 lbs of muscle in 8 weeks!
Sal Zekiri came from Yugoslavia to train with Leo, and added 18 lbs. of muscle in just 8 short weeks, without adding a single ounce of fat... plus he added 100 lbs. to his bench press and 200 lbs. to his squat!
My bench went from 260 to 325...
"In just 2 months my bench went from 260 to 325, which is just 15 lbs. from when I was 19 and using anabolics!"
David Harper
Stone Mountain, GA
"You have yet another success story..."
All of my success was possible because I followed your Big Beyond Belief Training and the anabolic diet. Many people are now asking for my "secret" and ...I tell them about your training program."
Dennis J. Balsamo
Nipomo, CA
"Every penny spent was well worth the gains..."
"I am extremely pleased with the results that I have obtained over the last 18 weeks. I gained a little over 7 pounds and put at least an inch on every body part. I received numerous compliments from people who I feel are respected bodybuilders. I feel that every penny spent was well worth the gains as well as the information that I learned. I recommended the program to all my friends..."
Ryan Vella
Hazlet, NJ
"In 12 weeks I put on 17.5 lbs or lean mass..."
I had never made gains in size or strength such as with your system. In 12 weeks, I put on 17.5 lbs. of lean mass and lost 7.5 lbs. of body fat. This would have amazed me at age 20 and seems unbelievable at age 59. I will inform you of further progress, which I appreciate.
Dr. Richard Fladland D.C
Milwaukee, WI
"The only way I can describe the changes is 'Metamorphosis'."
Everyone in the gym, and on the team are yelling "steroids." It's not, it's Bulgarian training. I followed the program in detail, and by the third week my arms went from 12.5 inches to 14.5 inches, and my waist was smaller.
Brant Hornberger
Cairo, IL
"It's Absolutlely Brilliant!"
I used to believe that I was a "Hard-Gainer." Boy was I brainwashed by a self-protective supplement market. I have put on over 20 pounds in only 13 weeks. That's more than in the last two years total. I would say, if you don't want to try this system, you don't want to grow.
Dale Gilbert
Brantford, Ontario Canada
"My Muscles are growing at a steady rate..."
My body fat has dropped from 22% to 12%. There is no doubt in my mind that my muscles are growing at a steady rate while losing more fat each week. I can look in the mirror and see these changes actually happening.
Matthew E. Johnson
Mastic, NY
Every week I see the difference...
"Your program is the best for building muscle, and makes the magazines look like idiots for what they write. Every week I see the difference from what you have come up with in this awesome system."
Frederick Schwab
Brunswick, ME
Leo I simply Exploded!
I left school for the summer in May standing 5'11' weighting 175 lbs. I came back to school in August weighting 200 lbs. and still wearing 21 inch waist jeans! None of my shirts or jackets fit any longer, but I love it! I sprouted muscle like a baby gorilla over the summer months following your Serious Growth Workout like a religion...
Dustin L. Sparks
Crete, Nebraska
I've learned to listen to Leo and do it exactly as he says.
I want to thank you for your honesty and help. I've never made any serious progress until I found out about OTS. Upon receiving Serious Growth, within four weeks, I could not stay away from the mirror. I will tell everyone who wants to know, the secret to growth is Optimum Training Systems. The one company that truly cares about your progress more than they want your money.
Tim, Watson
New Smyrna, FL
Your Serious Growth Program is amazing! In just 4 weeks I gained 10 lbs. of muscle; my bench press went from 200 lbs. to 250.
Joel Avila
Mannheim, Germany
"Blew my mind"
In the last nine months I've added at least a hundred pounds to my squat, seventy odd pounds to my bench, and 20 plus pounds to a number of other movements. And it gets better with every trip to the gym.
David Harper
Stone Mountain, GA
Thank you again for all the help...
The only way we have of describing the system is totally and utterly AWESOME! Everything you have ever told us about weightlifting and building muscle has been straight out, understandable fact!
Toby Cutter
Gained 10 Pounds & Decreased body Fat by 4% in 6 weeks!
Scot Oaks
"...Your products are the only one's I trust."
This is going to sound far fetched but I have put 1/2 of an inch on my arms and I have only been using the Big Beyond Belief for 3 weeks. I can't believe it and neither can my friends. I am very proud to say that I just your products and keep up the good work.
Kelly Robertson
Woodward, OK
A pathway for getting huge...
"Other people in the gym think we are crazy because of the way we train, but we enjoy being unreasonable. I can honestly say that Big Beyond Belief is one of my top personal possessions. Thanks Leo for giving natural bodybuilders a pathway for getting huge."
Eli Koppel
"I look like I'm on the juice!"
"...your Big Beyond Belief training manual is unbelievable. I am a 22 year old college student and have been weight training since I was 14. Never in my life have I experienced results like the once I am having following your workouts. My bench has gone up 40 pounds, my squat 100 pounds and the gains keep coming. Thanks for helping me to achieve natural, powerful and functional muscle development, instead of that bloated non-athletic look that so many gym rats have."
Darryl Cozza
Greenville, PA
Gain a tremendous amount of growth...
"Over the years, I've seen a number of companies come and go, making wild claims about their programs. When tried, they produce more frustration than muscle. If you follow the Big Beyond Belief program to a 'T', you will gain a tremendous amount of growth."
Vince Gironda
"Iron Guru" Original trainer of Arnold, Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno, Franco Columbo & countless other stars
Added 100 lbs. to my squat...
"In the last 9 months, added 100 lbs. to my squat, 70 to my bench... gets better with each trip to the gym! People who haven't seen me in a while cannot believe how huge I've gotten in such a short period of time."
Eric Litster
Brigham City, UT
Straight forward, (no B.S.)
"I have made greater gains in the last 2 months using Serious Growth than I made in all my previous years of training. Leo is straight forward, (no B.S.) and his style of writing motivates like no other."
Greg Privett
Portales, NM
Extremely useful in achieving maximum gains...
"...incorporates practical knowledge with scientific information. Body builders will find it extremely useful in achieving maximum gains from their training programs. I recommend it to the serious body builder."
Michael Yessis, PhD
Editor Soviet Sport Review. Professor of Kinesiology CSU, Fullerton, Contributing writer for Muscle and Fitness Magazine
Awarded best lightweight, best poser, and overall trophies...
"I have won my division several times but taking the overall trophies was a treat that I attribute to your "Serious Growth" system. I feel like I am bigger and more muscular than ever before. My brother and I thank you for this program with has never let us down."
Debra Kaniho
Four-time Mr. Universe says...
"It is a well thought out plan for meaningful results, I urge you to try it!"
Boyer Coe
Seven-time Mr. World, Four-time Mr. Universe, & former Mr. America.
Amazed to see the changes in my body...
"Leo, this is absolutely the best program I have ever seen, and I've seen a few (Cybergenics, Weider, etc..). I am amazed to see the changes in my body. Thank you for having the courage to preserver against the naysayers and provide real information that bodybuilders can actually use."
Brian Whited
Constance, VA
Gained 10 pounds of muscle since starting.
Nick Jungman
Castroville, TX
Strength has sky rocketed!
"Started at 195, 25% body fat — now 195, 12% body fat. Gained 2 inches in all measurements except waist, down 2 inches. Strength has sky rocketed!"
Matt Slaymaker
Marengo, IA
"Thanks for the help..."
"In 14 years of training, I was always referred to as a natural lightweight of 154-165 lbs. in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting with an off season weight of 171 lbs. and 13% body fat. Since starting with the Serious Growth System I carry an off season weight of 184 at 11% body fat, I fully expect to cut up for my contest this summer at the Middleweight limit of 176 lbs."
Gary Anthony
Cleburne, TX
To sum up in a word -- awesome!
"Not only for the gains in size and strength that I have achieved, but for the bodybuilding knowledge that Leo and staff teach and with this knowledge you'll not only look good, you'll feel great."
Calvin Robinson
Orlando, FL
Bench went from 275 to 370...
"Went a year with no gains, then started this program (without supplements) and went from 207 to 220 with no increase in body fat. Bench went from 275 to 370 in just 18 weeks!"
Toby Dembowski
Anaheim, CA
I'm growing like a newborn baby...
"You've got to be freakin kidding me! I'm growing like a newborn baby. Big Beyond Belief is un-freaking-believable! My strength is taking off to another solar system. Everyday I look and feel better, I owe it all to you guys. Thanks a million. If you ever need a favor, I'm in debt to you for life. My bodybuilding struggles are over, now I just sit back and smile after every workout knowing what's about to happen. Thanks for some incredibly useful info and no bs!"
Jason Ferruggia
Watchung, NJ
"God Bless You..."
"You truly know so much about our beautiful sport, bodybuilding...I am 50 years old now and just had my first contest, it was great. Leo, please tell us more... You have so many fans in Gütersloh, and in the whole Germany. Hope that my English is not too bad, thanks..."
Willi Schräder
Gütersloh, Germany
Best work out I have ever had...
"Big Beyond Belief, is the best work out I have ever had. I have made noticeable gains in only 6 weeks. Such as a 1 inch gain in my chest and legs."
Jody Nichols
York, SC
Everyone in the gym looks at us in amazement...
"I am a 36 year old ex-football player, who has been a bodybuilder for 10 years. I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how your BBB program has worked for me. My training partners and I have used the system for 2 years now. We are currently using level three which is total torture. But hey! No one said this "shit" would be easy. We just want to get Big. Everyone in the gym looks at us in amazement. The normal people thinks we are animals. The pussies in the gym think we are on the gear. They'll use any excuse to avoid hard work. These chumps look at us in wonderment as to what we are using. It's crazy!"
Bert Hill
Frederick, MD
Never had these kind of results before
"I have been on the Big Beyond Belief program for six and a half months. I have never had these kind of results before. My friends and people at the gym think I am on steroids!!! I love the program and can't wait for the next one."
Chris Martellio
My strength gains have sky rocketed...
"Your Big Beyond Belief Manual makes it clear. If you want to grow you train hard, you eat big and rest up. Your manual told me how to do each properly and now in the first 3 months my strength gains have sky rocketed. I started doing 60 pounds dumbbell incline presses 10 times and now am using 90 pound dumbbells for ten reps. 60 pounds in 3 months! The most amazing thing is my calves are growing!"
Michael Tolle
Flagstaff, AZ
There's no guesswork involved...
"The best thing I like about Big Beyond Belief is that there's not guesswork involved. Even the most minute aspects of lifting are explained in detail. Sets, # of reps, rest periods, recovery, diet -- it's all completely mapped out for you."
Jim Palmer
Watuaga, TX
"In first 3 months, gained 1 inch in arms, 2 inches in chest, 10 lbs. of muscle."
Steven Penoyer
Evart, MI
I could literally feel my body growing...
"I could literally feel my body growing. I started out at a measly 140 pounds with 14 1/2" arms. Now I'm 175 pounds with 17 1/2" arms and growing. My bench press went from 160 pounds max to 325 pounds and I achieved this on the modified version of the program. Thanks Leo!"
Peter Giardini
New Rochelle, NY
"Your product is the best I've ever had. You may quote me on that."
"I'd like to say how great the Big Beyond Belief manual has worked for me. I've only been on it for nine weeks and my bench-pressing has gone up forty pounds, my squats have gone up from 125 pounds to 205 pounds, in fact, I've went up a lot of everything."
Michael Elkins
Berwyn, IL
The end result was phenomenal...
"I was skeptical at first, I decided to go for it. The end result was phenomenal, Big Beyond Belief put thirty pounds of muscle on my frame. My strength jumped in all exercises. About ninety pounds was put on my bench, seventy on the military and back. If this isn't incentive enough to do this, you don't want to get big. If you were to do one thing in your life, do "Big Beyond Belief ". My body went through changes that my peers couldn't believe. They accused me of doing drugs, but I plainly said never. You feel yourself growing and getting stronger. Your body is brought to a new level accomplishment. If you want to get big this is the only routine."
Tony Chillino
West Nyack, NY
"I feel powerful and I am in the best shape of my life."
"I'm writing only to tell you how grateful I am for your help in reaching my bodybuilding goals. Perhaps I can express my thanks to you most adequately in explaining what your techniques have helped me accomplish. I have gained 75 pounds. My body fat has not gone above 12 percent, and most of the time is just slightly above 10 percent. I have added 165 pounds to my bench press and 200 pounds to my squats. I have added 4 inches to my thighs, all this while adding only 2 inches to my waist. My clothes are busting at the seams..."
Conor Kelly
St. Johns, NFLD, Canada
"...Serious Growth & Optimum Training Systems has changed my body and my life for the better. Thanks Leo, Ron, Tom, and Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale."
Terry D. Webb, Jr.
"Friend tell me I'm getting bigger..."
I've enjoyed being on this program, cause I'm seeing results. I've put an inch on my arms, chest, calves. Thanx O.T.S. for helping me and giving me the facts. I've only been in a gym for 5 months, friends tell me I'm getting bigger. I like that.
Brian Howard
"You'll not only look good, you'll feel great!"
To sum up O.T.S. in a word would be awesome! Not only for the gains in size and strength that I have achieved, but for the bodybuilding knowledge that Leo and staff teach, and with this knowledge you'll not only look good you'll feel great!
Calvin Robinson
Orlando, FL
I was about to give up bodybuilding...
"I can really depend on you guys. I was about to give up body building, but I gazed through a magazine one last time, I found your manual ad, and it went up from there. Wow, I can go get the job done in the gym in a shorter time, with no question"
Matthew O'Grady
"Packed full of information..."
"After only 5 weeks into the program I've already had significant size and strength gains. I can't wait to see what the remaining 13 weeks will yield. Thanks O.T.S.!!"
Kelly Burgeson
I've been accused of using steriods...
At the beginning I weighed 195 lbs. Now, I'm 217 lbs and strong. I've been accused of using steroids, 12 weeks has added about 20 lbs.
C. Holland
"Busting out of all my clothes..."
I'm willing to do anything to get big. Two months on your program and I'm busting out of all my clothes. I guess you don't need steroids to get huge.
J. Talley
"I've added 50 lbs. to my bench..."
I used to hate doing pull ups, now I'm doing five sets of twelve with a 15 lb. dumbbell hanging from my waist. This system is fantastic.
M. Zolliitsch, U.s. Canoe & Kayaking Team
"It's the greatest."
I've made great gains, and I feel so much energy after heavy workouts. I go to bed later, and feel great when I get up the next morning, and I'm a lot stronger. y
R. Richardson
"Leo, This is a dream come true"
What can I say other than - you did it! You got me growing again. I've been working out hard for 6 years and figured I had reached my moserable genetic potential! I was desparate and convinced that Roids were the only way to get huge. But something told me to give Serious Growth a try. After just 5 weeks on the program people noticed. Even my wife who sees my physique every day said, "Please don't get to big, we'll never find clothes to fit you".
Christopher Jones
Portland, OR
"Beyond my greatest expectations."
After 55 years of hustling iron, it does work better than any method or system I've ever used – beyond my greatest expectations.
S. Eddy
Will excel your performance in any sport!
"...not only did I build muscle but explosive power!"
Derek Woodske
British Columbia
"My success continues to grow..."
There are people in my gym that ask where they can get a copy of the workout. I've given them your address.
Will Wornardt III
Tempe, AZ
"I've gained in all aspects of the word..."
A new way of training? With a money back guarantee, what did I have to lose? NOTHING! As soon as I got the packet I read it over and over and could not wait to go to the gym. In the first 6 days of this training I saw some astonishing results...more than I've seen in the past three or four months. Thanks a lot!
Sean Nolan
Portland, OR
"Thank you for changing my life"
Now I'm turning heads when I take off my shirt...I've gotten more separation and greater mass than ever before.
Sean O'Laughlin
Chicago, Il

"I've Got To Get This Off My Chest... Before I Explode!"

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My name is Leo Costa. You may have heard of me before, or read about me in the bodybuilding magazines. I'm considered a rebel, because I refuse to use or endorse drugs and steroids. The discovery I've made allows almost anyone to get as big and powerful as you want... without pills or needles.

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A few years ago, I was coasting through life, quite content making a nice six-figure income, having clients waiting in line to see me, and building championship weight lifters, bodybuilders, and sports stars.

Then I got invited to attend a top level, strictly "hush-hush" symposium in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Politiburo consented (for the first time ever) to reveal to a panel of hand-picked U.S. observers the details of an incredible new training system that had been developed over the last ten years.

They put their best scientists to work determining how your body builds strength, power, and large (really large) muscles. Literally hundreds of experiments were done over several years to determine what worked best and what didn't.

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When I learned the Bulgarian secrets, my jaw dropped.

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I train really hard. Most athletes couldn't hold a candle to me. And at my top competitive weight of 250 pounds and 5'-10", I thought I was pretty darned developed.

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